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Due to Coronavirus everyone's at home and getting bored so the best way toh spend the free time is to watch something interesting which will make our mood good.Here are Top 5 Most Popular on Netflix shows which you will definitely like.

So here we have best trending netflix movies and shows from different genre like action,romance, fantasy and many more from 18 January 2022.




Release Year: 13 January 2022

Creators: Monica Mitchell

Stars: Alyssa Milano,Sam Page,Emilie Ullerup,Matthew Aaron Finlan,Malachi Weir,Alison Araya,Colleen Wheeler,David Lewis,Daniel Diemer,Barry Levy

Genre: Mysteries,US Movies,Movies Based on Books,Crime Movies,Thriller Movies

Rating: 3.9/10 IMDb 



Honest Reviews :

I'm not going to waste your time.


This movie is about some woman (I don't even remember character names. That's how invested I was in it) who is for no reason given better at solving cases than actual detectives who have been doing it for years.


She thinks she's sexier than she actually is. The male detective has no character and is portrayed as a normal person but will kill people without any remorse or dark thoughts haunting him afterward. And the female writer also seems to have no trauma after nearly getting killed by the antagonist.


Speaking of the antagonist, he barely looks like he's out of high school and is essentially still just kid.


If you want to see two 30 year old's murder a teenager and then have pants on sex afterwards, this is the movie for you.


Due to new variant of COVID-19 (Omnicron) every one is at home so this, thriller and mysterious web show which is currently on air in the year 2022 that you should definitely watch.





Release Year: 17 December 2021

Creators: Mattson Tomlin

Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz,Algee Smith,Raúl Castillo

Genre: Sci-Fi Movies,US Movies,Thriller Movies

Rating: 4.8/10 IMDb 

Honest Reviews :

Mother/Android is the best trending Netflix show now you will definitely love it. In this Sci-fi show the earth becomes apocalyptic which is all ruled by the AI robots (Artificial intelligence) thus humans are in the war with Android. In this conflict a young pregnant girl along with her boyfriend runs away for the safety of their life and their upcoming child.You will definitely love this Thriller movie must watch it.

It’s a lot better than it’s bland title may suggest…


This film was a pleasant surprise to be honest!!

I originally had no intention of even watching it to be honest?

I didn’t watch the trailers and what I read about the film; didn’t really interest me…

BUT this film turned out to be a lot better than what I was expecting!!

To be honest this isn’t my usual type of film so I was surprised at how absorbed I was into the story?!

I genuinely really cared about the characters!

The film does start off slow though but when it gets going, you really become connected with the characters!

I found the film to be a mix of Terminator and Bird Box!!!

Mother/Android has a surprising amount of heart to be honest?

I even found myself getting a little emotional towards the end!!!!

The overall premise is interesting and the film does a good job at putting you in the film too!

The film is surprisingly very unpredictable to be honest?

Although it does feel like a post apocalyptic survival thriller, it plays out more like a drama?

The motorbike chase in the forest is cool and intense!

The scene where Moretz’s character is in this house wearing a camouflage suit is really chilling to be honest!

I was honestly on the edge of my seat!

Chloe Grace Moretz is absolutely brilliant in this film!!!!

I wasn’t expecting this kind of performance from her actually?!

She plays a really likeable character who you genuinely care about!

She feels relatable and you root for her too!

You genuinely want things to work out for her!

Algee Smith is also really good too!

He has great chemistry with Moretz and you really care about him too!

The relationship between the two is what made the film for me to be honest?

The situations they find themselves in, makes you care about them more!

The ending though is actually really sad!

I respect Netflix and the director for taking a risk and giving the characters an uncommon dark ending!

Overall this is a film I had zero interest in seeing but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually was!!!!

It just goes to show you should never judge a book or in this case a film; by it’s cover…



3.Red Notice


Release Year: 5 November 2021 (USA)

Creators: Rawson Marshall Thurber 

 Stars: Dwayne Johnson,Ryan Reynolds,Gal Gadot

Genre: US Movies,Crime Movies,Action & Adventure,Comedies

Rating: 6.3/10 IMDb 



Honest Reviews :

An action-packed entertaining movie that provides full of entertainment from the beginning to the end. It's a great-time pass Action-heist movie, which shows that Gal Gadot is the main villain or Vam, but in the and the plot twist we got was....... To be honest, I didn't like the betrayal of Rock towards Deadpool in the end at first but then, in the movie, there comes a happy ending which teases the sequel, in which Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and Black Adam will be a team and Inspector Das will chase them. The action sequences are way more brilliant than anyone could have imagined, and my most loved was the battle scene between Gal Gadot Vs. Ryan Reynolds/Dwayne Johansson when they were attempting to take the subsequent egg, and yet the negative point is that Gal Gadot was a gigantic interruption in that Red-Dress in that scene, she was looking extraordinary fire in that scene. The thing concerning this film is it gets your consideration from the start even in the initial credit scene when they were recounting the narrative of the three brilliant eggs of Queen Cleopatra, which is the primary plot of the film. The jailbreaking sequence was also amazing. Ryan Reynold's comedy and his references to other films make this movie way better than it could have been without him. Gal Gadot is the heart of the film in whatever the scenes she was in were massive distractions. Rock was badass in this film as expected and as always. So, it is a great action-packed popcorn entertainment film which provides you entertainment from the beginning to the end and that's why I'll rate this film 9.5/10 because sometimes it gets predictable, like that scene where Gal poisoned that guy.



4.Don’t Look Up


Release Year: 5 December 2021

Creators: Adam McKay,David Sirota

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Lawrence,Meryl Streep

Genre : Social Issue Dramas,Sci-Fi Movies,US Movies,Comedies,Dramas

Rating: 7.3/10 IMDb



Honest Reviews :

Fantastic and hilarious movie!  If you like satire and especially if you liked the series VEEP or enjoy Saturday Night Live sketches, then you'll love this movie. The movie advances at a quick pace, is packed with humor, and does a great job of poking fun at how our society, media, and political structure are often mislead and/or manipulated for gain (be it money, power, or ratings). Watch/listen closely, because some hilarities are subtly mumbled, such as DiCaprio pointing out that the White House's head of astronomy is likely not qualified to be in that position (I won't spoil it for you by elaborating, but his referencing it twice had me laughing out loud, but also cringing a bit to think about how in reality, many Cabinet positions are simply filled with financial donors or yes men and not experts in those fields).


The movie, while clearly a comedy, will also make the more intelligent viewer ponder if this happened in our current society, just how much of the satire would in fact mirror many peoples' actions/reactions and how much political maneuvering and personal gain would be sought by those in positions of wealth, power, or the public eye in general. Sadly, just like there are those who price gouge during national disasters, there are and will be those who lie about and manipulate perception and data to advance themselves.


I was truly surprised so many people left bad reviews, but after reading many of their comments, I believe they didn't think of the movie as a comedy, so much as they took it as a personal affront to those who deny science (likely themselves included). If you can't laugh at a talkshow hosts' presidential jokes or political SNL type skits, then this movie isn't for you.


Overall, the movie was cleverly written and the acting was brilliant! I'm looking forward to watching it again with people who haven't seen it yet (for some reason sharing the laugh with first-time viewers is that much more fun!)



5.The Witcher


Release Year: 20 December 2019

Creators: Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Stars: Henry Cavill,Anya Chalotra,Freya Allan

Genre : Fantasy TV Shows,TV Shows Based on Books,TV Dramas,US TV Shows,TV Action & Adventure

Rating: 8.2/10 IMDb

Honest Reviews :

Henry Cavill is Huge Jacksons Wolverine , he was born and bred for this specific role. My first worry was the voice acting on Geralt , as soon as Henry opened his mouth I was glued , darn well good job , His total character creation is superb in every aspect from the books to the games. 100%

Ciri , Yennafer and Trish brilliant actresses for the role , at first I thought their looks are different , Ciri being a bit younger , Yennafers past is definitely interesting and the outcome of how she turned out 100% , Trish now this one I'm wondering when the red hair will come through lol , besides odd changes I enjoyed the outcome of their characters.

Dandylion , the one and only , his first entry was hilarious and his small adventure with the lone wolf was outstanding , another 100% character spot on , hope to see more of him and his fool hardiness.

Roach everyones favorite horse lol I just love how they implemented him into it , Basically the only thing Geralt loves and trusts. 

As for the story plot won't go into detail much , but as a fan it has opened my eyes a notch , playing the game and reading is totally different than actually watching it , I'm glad these people brought this universe to life , Monster fights are intense , Mages story line to even the Nilfgaard war upon the land took me to the edge of my seat , if you haven't played the games or read the books , don't worry the series starts from scratch.

Happy hunting Geralt , see you soon.

So this were the Top 5 Most Popular on Netflix according to me these were the best trending netflix movies and shows

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