Scream (2022) Full Movie Review

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 Scream (2022) Full Movie Review

Scream (2022) Full Movie Review

Scream (2022) Movie|Scream 5 Honest Reviews:

Like many other fans of the SCREAM franchise, I had mixed feelings when it was announced that a fifth installment was on the way. I was ecstatic to know that the original cast would be returning, but with Wes Craven's passing in 2015, who would be at the helm, and would they be able to live up to Craven's vision? 

Case in point: the fifth chapter of the SCREAM saga went far beyond my expectations in almost every respect. As much as I enjoyed the sequels (particularly SCREAM 4), they couldn't quite reach the heights of the original. But, those were some pretty big shoes to fill, so it's a bit easier to forgive the flaws of the earlier films.

This new expansion of Craven's twisted idea finds the franchise returning to its original form, thanks to a shockingly clever script that pays loving tribute to the original 1996 hit, while managing to present a unique and equally fun (and brutal) slasher-comedy on its own. Then, we have a first-rate cast, which not only includes the original ensemble, but a talented new stream of actors that may stand as one of the series' best acting ensembles yet. There's a real emotional undercurrent here that makes the characters easier to care about, and it creates something that was missing from the fourth film: the stakes are much, much higher, which turned out to be one of the original movie's biggest assets, and that element is very much on display here.

All of that aside, this is, through and through, a SCREAM movie. It's bloody (and I DO mean bloody!), it's hilarious, and it's as tension-filled as you would hope. But the payoff here is MUCH more rewarding than the previous films, particularly with the surprisingly intelligent connection to the original film. Overall, SCREAM is an absolutely stellar revival of one of horror's most creative franchises, and it's one I'm sure Wes Craven would have wept with absolute joy to see.

(#Spoilers, read ahead at your own choice)

For starters, I didn't find this one scary enough it lacked badly in that area. Some scenes a little too far fetched, which I think the directing definitely could have been better. Also not happy with certain deaths, I think they never gave us enough time to get to know some of the new cast which made it hard to get attached to the new comers. I've always been relieved and glad to see Dewey, Sydney and Gail the original 3 from the first movie survive, they survived every film that Wes craven had done. Which to me just seemed like it was something that Wes would have wanted to keep going if he were to make any more. Those 3 are the strength and heart off the movie I didn't want to lose any of these 3 characters even just to lose one of these original characters is a sad let down. And if we were to lose any they'd have to have a good death, a death scene that was worth it! Disappointed with so many parts of this movie!! The flashbacks and connections to the original scream 1 was the only good thing in my opinion which again could have been done better though. I plan to re watch this again once it comes out to see if I can connect with it better since it was seen at a drive in, I feel like it might be scariest to see at home with the volume louder but yeah not happy with this and I really don't think Wes would have been either. Just my opinion.  I absolutely love scream and the trilogies but ranking them I'd put scream 1 and 2 both as N.1, scream 3&4 both next and then this one last. I was over excited to see this film only to walk away disappointed but I'll always be a scream fan!

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