डरावनी मूवी & Horror movies on Netflix

Whats New On Netflix

Horror Movies and Web Series On Netflix : डरावनी मूवी On Netflix

डरावनी मूवी & Horror movies on Netflix

Welcome to What's New On Netflix Horror movies and web shows Collection or we can call it hindi डरावनी मूवी. What are some of best horror movie or डरावनी मूवी on Netflix that you can watch.

डरावनी मूवी | Horror movie on Netflix to watch :

All of us are Dead

The first Horror movie or डरावनी मूवी of our list is All of us are Dead

Story Line - This web series is all about the pandemic cause because of the virus which turns everyone into zombie's a best mixture of friendship struggle of teenagers fighting against the zombies.


• The second horror movie or डरावनी मूवी of our list is Veronica

Story Line - Exceptional performance from Sandra Escacena (Veronica) and the rest of the children casted in this movie.
I've watched so many movies with the ouji board being a basis for the start of a horror story but this one was somewhat different, by far the best I've seen.
Lots of frights, scenes that make you jump, and somewhat emotional. 

This movie not only introduces you to the darkside and how spiritual beings can enter our world, but it also touches on the subject of a teen with so many responsibilities, who has no choice but to take care of her siblings whilst mum works. 

Missing her father, her desperation to make contact with him has dire consequences. 

The movie pretty much underlines a spiritual issue but at the same time highlights the difficult situation Veronica is placed in with no one to turn to. 
What with all her struggles and responsibilities, this character is an example of what some youth are living like in the real world. 

I can't praise this movie enough. I found it to be quite emotional, and Veronica is a character you can easily connect with.

The Unholy

The third Horror movie or डरावनी मूवी of our list is The Unholy

Story Line - This movie is about a girl name Alice who claimed to have seen Virgin Mary and was healed by Mary Elnor without knowing this 'Mary' is potraying herself as the Virgin Mary (because they shared the same name Mary). Honestly though, from a religious point of view I don't really see this as offending as this could actually happen in real life. People claiming to be someone else is something that happens in our everyday life. People shouldnt really take this movie seriously. Afterall, it is a MOVIE. Movies are made to entertain people and honestly this movie is better than many other horror movies i've watched.


The Fourth Horror movie or डरावनी मूवी of our list is Hellbound 

Story Line - The show is a well acted drama with a supernatural twist and gives the viewer a lot of social touchpoints and commentary to chew on: 

The arrival of a man who claims to understand the wills of god for his children, giving us a handy-dandy fatalist do and do no list of sins. Who chose this moral code, god, or this man? Fun stuff.

What role does and should religion play in our society if it's a) easily manipulated b) dangerously good at pushing people to extremism c) can literally all be predicated on a lie?

What are the differences, really, between a cult and a religion?

Great acting by much of the cast. Do not watch the dub, just don't. It's always bad and you lose a vast amount of the body language and facial expression timing.

A genuinely exciting twist at the end which sets up several new avenues for the story to take.

Not afraid to kill characters. This is good, as it keeps it feeling emotionally grounded when you know you could lose that person you really like.

The pacing is arduous. Not just in the time jump halfway through, but within many of the episodes as well.

-Repetitive action. The murders are a little video-game finishing sequence feeling. 

The Order

•The Fifth Horror movie or डरावनी मूवी of our list is The Order.

Story Line - A very interesting story about the werewolves there are Some collage students who later discovered there exists a magic and this students belongs to werewolf families they are werewolf and witches are keeping watch on them a full action horror web series which you must definitely want.

Our previous article got soo much love so I am starting a series on that articles अंग्रेज सेक्सी movie or we can say Hollywood romance movies.

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