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Uncut web series
Uncut web series

Welcome to the Uncut web series today I am listing some of the top trending romantic webseries on What's New On Netflix for this valentine week so you can watch this with your valentine and make your day special.

New Uncut web series on Netflix - 

• Dark desire (season 1 and 2) -

Dark desire

This is one of the most fascinating series I happened to watch in the Spanish Language (of course with the subtitles).

Season 2 starts with Dario being engaged to his girlfriend and Alma still finding her way back to life.

But something mysterious happens, and Dario finds his girlfriend committing suicide jumping off the roof of the hotel terrace.

Alma is still trying to love Dario the way she used to, but Dario has a dark past. He lied to her in the first season but has he changed in the second season?

Her daughter, Zoe, is still trying to find the truth about her sexuality and ends up cheating on her best friend cum girlfriend Katrina.

Leonardo is trying to help Alma in finding the truth behind Dario’s dark past, and Esteban is back again in the action. This time he is behaving sincerely and wise.

Overall, those 15 episodes will make you think about one thing do we truly know the people in our life the way they act? I would say no.

Find out the truth in this surprisingly exciting series, and you wouldn’t be regretting watching it at all for more info watch it dark desire watch online only on Netflix.

dark desire episodes - 

The Season 1 has total 18 episodes

And the Season 2 has 15 episodes

dark desire watch online 

You can watch dark desire online on Netflix 

• Through my window netflix

Through my window

Through my window

The Netflix description of this is so sus... but the movie was brilliant! Teenagers mucking about making mistakes, falling in loves, making more mistakes... if there was a meet-cute that lead to PG13 levels of excitement, this would be one of them!

The acting is fresh, the reactions, genuine, and it seriously makes you wonder, what the hell did you do as teenager? When you could've miraculously fallen in love instead?!

10/10 would definitely watch again, if only to see these two grow from clumsy caterpillars to gorgeous butterflies all over again.

• Sex/Life |sex with bf or web series sex



The show is pretty good for a casual watch and the main character Billie is so freaking hot (primarily why i watched the show). The show talks about how a girl want to achieve 100% of what she can get in life.She was a carefree and fun-loving girl who moved from Georgia to NYC to study and also for the crazy experiences she could have there.Here she by chance meets Brad,a tall,ripped aussie who is a chick magent and is bewitched by his looks. They start having sex from the day they meet and it is bloody amazing Billie loves it a lot and no other man can satify her like brad but also on the flip side of the coin Brad has a lot of emotional baggage that he has been putting off related to his Dad who left him at age 8 which causes him to lash out at Billie often when she asks him  anything related to his Dad.Brad often dumps her in the most horrible ways but soon shows up and Billie can't resist him.This goes on and on and after suffering from a lot of heartbreak Billie decides not to go back to him and rather marries Cooper who is a simple and straightforward man , well settled and a gentleman we can say that he was a comple opposite of Brad.They have 2 kids and their marriage goes smoothly for 8 years but then    our girl Billie starts having thoughts about Brad and the amazing sex they used to have and this forms the crux of the story. Now Billie has to decide whether she wants 85% of what she has always wanted and what Cooper gives her or 15% comprising of the intense sex that Brad offered her.Think of this as some great porn with an above average story and as for me I enjoyed it.You can describe it as sex with bf.

• Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle

This is going to sound controversial, but this show is so much better than Love Island by far: 

For one, the show really does help with how to deal with your inner fears and insecurities to the point where you finally have the courage to get rid of those demons clouding inside your mind and to accept and be proud of who you are no matter what anyone says. 

It's so amazing to see that a group of people who only care about sex have grown so much to realise it's not about who has the highest body count, but it's about tapping in to your inner emotions and being open and mature about it is what really impressed me the most. 

The amount of rules and fines if they get caught breaking them were absolutely mental, but it did make sense in the end. Overall the show had a very meaningful message behind it with valuable lessons learned about life. Really hope they renew it for season 2.

too hot to handle season 1 download on Netflix.

uncut web series download,uncut web series then this above are the top 4 Uncut web series Only on Netflix which you can watch and download.

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