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MS Dhoni as Atharva in mythological sci-fi series :


MS Dhoni's Atharva mythological series update - 

A mythological sci-fi web series,which is back by the Dhoni entertainment.

Everyone knows our famous former Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni or we call him MS Dhoni on Wednesday he shared the first look of his Animation series called as Atharva the origin an mythological sci-fi web series backed by Dhoni entertainment.It is based on the writer Ramesh Thamilmanis work.

Atharva First Look - 

In the first look of Atharva the origin we can see MS Dhoni on the battlefield with his animated character fighting against the Demonic army.MS Dhoni knows as our former Indian team captain who retired from the International cricket in 2019 and he seems to be looking for the new avenues and I think Atharva is one of them.

Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni, who is the managing director of Dhoni Entertainment, spoke about producing the series. She called it a “thrilling series”.

“The book is a mythological sci-fi which tells us  the journey of a mysterious Aghori who has is been captured at a high-tech facility. Various secrets revealed by this Aghori could alter the myths of the ancient, beliefs of the existing and course of the forthcoming.

We have to wait and see how much noise this webseries is going to make after releasing remember the name Atharva the Origin.

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